Duke and Me

There is for me an inherent joy in creation, an inherent beauty in structure, an inherent order in nature that fills me with wonder. It was this enthusiasm since childhood that led me to the field of architecture as an adult. Unfulfilled at the drafting table I later took up woodworking to satisfy my need to build and explore.

Beauty in material, how pieces join in forming a whole and the resulting proportions are what inspire my work. I use machine tools for their speed and precision but reach for hand tools to shape and sculpt a piece that canít be done by machine. It is this handwork that gives the final piece a fluid living quality. A successful piece should engage the senses and increase oneís awareness. If what I make can be useful in function, inviting to the touch and a pleasure to the eye it would of course bring me great joy and satisfaction.

Ray Saucillo - Woodworker